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We are proud to work with our powerful distribution of wholesale brokers. At EIURS, we value loyalty, results, and transparency with our clients. We only work with producers who align with our unshakable business morals to ensure you are getting the best coverage and superior service from start to finish. 

EIURS is selective with our wholesalers
to give you the best results.

Scroll over our distribution map to the left to see some of our excellent wholesale business partners who help us guarantee your satisfaction. Our underwriters and business partners are unmatched in experience, knowledge, and desire to win your business. Keep reading to get appointed with EIURS today and start writing business with the best. 


To be appointed with EIURS, please contact us via email or phone, so we can better understand your needs and business goals.

In the process we will also ask for your firm to complete our producer agreement and send over some paperwork. To expedite this procedure please keep your E&O and licenses nearby. First step, let's set up a meeting, please contact us in your preferred method to get started!

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