EIURS Receives Toro De Oro Award

EIURS Receives Toro De Oro Award

The inaugural Stronger Together Hyperion leadership conference, held in Seville, created an award for individuals and groups who exemplify Cross Group Collaborations. In 2015, they created the Toro de Oro award, meaning the Golden Bull, where employees are able to submit nominations every quarter for those who have earned it. Every year, the nomination winners for this highly coveted award are announced. There are three different award categories: Individuals, Teams, and Group Collaboration. Out of a group of 5,000 employees, only about 47 awards were announced. The combined business is greater than the sum of its parts, so we take pride in the parts that make us whole.

Scott McDougall, EIURS President and Founder, commented, “It is an honor to win the Toro. I am proud to present it to my team – a group of individuals who come together acting as problem solvers for their clients. This is evidenced by our continued profitable growth and product expansions with a carrier partner. I am lucky to have a team that is driven, yet puts underwriting profitability and discipline first. We are members of an extended family that we call EIURS.”

The Award

This year, our team at EIURS was awarded a Team Award for our ability to meet the challenge of succession planning, underwriting training, and talent acquisition while building a successful program. Since joining DUAL in 2015, we have gone from a team of five to a team of 21. We built our core team with seasoned underwriters considered specialists in their field and as we saw the opportunity for growth, we realized the need to diversify our hiring practices and focus on talent recruitment.

To maintain and continue to grow a truly sustainable business, EIURS decided to expand into recruiting and hiring recent Insurance & Risk Management graduates, growing them into the program. Based in Philadelphia, we have focused on Temple University and started creating pathways for new underwriters as a means of succession planning. Our program features mentorship from our seasoned underwriters to those new to the industry and a focus on personal and professional development, specialized training, and growth. By expressing genuine interest in our younger recruits, investing in their development and training, and creating a line of succession, we are committed to the future. We cherish the ability to allow young, deserving individuals the chance to move into a very hands-on and linear career. 

The Future

EIURS plans to focus on our future recruits, team growth, and overall development as a division. To keep up with our growth, make sure to subscribe for updates.